Friday, August 22, 2008

Trisomy 18 and Thankfulness

My mind has been filled recently with thoughts of my niece. She's 21 and pregnant with her second son. He was diagnosed last week with trisomy 18 and has 0% chance of survival. To say that I'm sad for her is an understatement. I have been through many years of infertility and have lost 3 babies of my own to early miscarriages, so life, especially unborn life, is SO precious to me. And that my dear niece has to face something so big at such a tender age just makes me ache. I pray that she comes through this stronger and closer to God and that in some miraculous way she comes away from this heartache with something positive to hold onto even though there is nothing positive about saying goodbye to a tiny baby. I am also praying that she will have the opportunity to hold her baby while he is alive, even if just for a few minutes, so she can tell him how much she loves him.

Other thoughts? I love my kids. I am thankful that I have to clean up after them. Thankful that I have to do ever increasing amounts of laundry. I'm thankful for throw up, poop, and toilets filled to overflowing with tp. I'm thankful for marker stains on my carpet, chocolate chips spilled on the floor, and handprints on my walls and windows. Because all these things mean that I have kids living and growing in my house. I do not know how long God has ordained for them to walk this earth, so I will be thankful for every moment and appreciate what I've been given, even the unpleasant.

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