Monday, August 24, 2009

"Not My Child!" Monday.

Trying somehing new this week with MckMama. Being brutally honest about what our children didn't do and livng to tell about it.

I'm ready to end my hiatis from blogging with a fun "Not My Child!" post about what my kids didn't do. Unfortunately, if my child didn't do something, it probably means that his/her mom may or may not have shared some of the responsibility of it. So this post may also be a "Not Me!" post entertwined with the other. Let me show you what I mean...

This week it was not my children who had a water fight in the house. Even if they had it would not have consisted of mainly toilet water that they used to spread their joy. That might just disgust me! Not my children!

Their non-existent water fight did not also include soaking the bathroom rugs, the decorative shower curtain, wash cloths, some kitchen towels and dish rags, and a toilet brush. Oh no! That was not my children!

During their toilet water battle (puking in my mouth a bit, you?), they did not leave the confines of the bathroom and drench the carpets in the hallway, their bedroom, the living room and stairs. And the certainly wouldn't have had time to waterlog the couch or the lower bunk bed. Nope! Certainly NOT my children!

As for me, I was NOT blissfully unaware of their shenaningans, because I would have been watching them very closely and NOT ignorantly playing a video game on my computer, downstairs. I would never leave a 2 year old and a 4 year old unattended long enough to wreak such havoc! I did not hear any amount of screams, running and door slamming while I was playing my game, and I certainly wouldn't have tried to ignore it. No sir, not me!

Upon finally coming out of my deep denial that anything bad might be happening upstairs, I so did NOT get instantly and furiously angry when I surveyed the damage. I was not so angry that I deamed it best to lock my children in their room, and lock myself in another room and call my husband home from work for diaster relief. Nope, I am a calm, easy going, self-controlled mom that would laugh this off. That was not me!

See now wasn't that fun? What was it your child didn't do this week? Feel free to leave me a comment if you post so I can visit your blog or leave your own "Not My Child!" in the comments and be sure to check out MckMama's blog to see what other people's children didn't do this week!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time Flies.

It's only mid-summer, but my boys will start school this week and Letha will start next week. Unbelievable, isn't it? Where did the summer go?

Well, this post isn't really about the passage of time or the summer. :)

This post is a cute story about Kevin! In preparation for the new school year we went clothes shopping yesterday. At first I was helping Letha look for pants and jeans. (side note: my kids are skinny. Things that fit in the waist are rarely long enough in the leg, even if we buy slims. So finding things that fit both is a challenge that takes time!) I sent the big boys across the aisle to begin their search. After seeing Letha try on clothes a few times, Kevin came to me and asked, "Mommie, can I change clothes?" Not now Kevin. I helped Letha a while longer until she was on the right track. Then I headed across the aisle myself to assist the big boys.

"Mommie, can I change clothes?" Not right now, I have to help Tim and Tadd.

After sending Tim and Tadd into the dressing rooms with 4 sizes in each of 4 styles of jeans, and making sure they were all off the sale racks, we were closer to making some decisions.

"Mommie, is it my turn to change clothes?" Be patient Kevin.

Ok, Kevin it's your turn. We headed over to the toddler boys section to check sale racks there. Found some cute (if there is such a thing) boy clothes. More slims. And some cute "Rock n' Roll" t-shirts. Kevin was ecstatic! He's never tried on clothes in the store. Off the to dressing room we went. "Mom, do I take off my underwear?" Um, no! He tried on the first outfit and ran, yes RAN out of the dressing room calling everyone's name that was with us to show off that he got to change clothes!


Hahaha! I love this cutie! He is such a ham. And make no mistake, the second outfit he tried on was treated with the same enthusiasm!

After all that. I have a preliminary product rave. Sears, Kid Advantage program. When you sign up for this program, any children's clothes that you purchase (regular or sale price) if your children wear them out before out-growing them, they will replace them, free. All children's clothes and shoes. I don't know about you, but my boys can put holes in the knees of jeans in about a month without even trying! I'll let you know how it goes if/when I have to replace something.