Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time Flies.

It's only mid-summer, but my boys will start school this week and Letha will start next week. Unbelievable, isn't it? Where did the summer go?

Well, this post isn't really about the passage of time or the summer. :)

This post is a cute story about Kevin! In preparation for the new school year we went clothes shopping yesterday. At first I was helping Letha look for pants and jeans. (side note: my kids are skinny. Things that fit in the waist are rarely long enough in the leg, even if we buy slims. So finding things that fit both is a challenge that takes time!) I sent the big boys across the aisle to begin their search. After seeing Letha try on clothes a few times, Kevin came to me and asked, "Mommie, can I change clothes?" Not now Kevin. I helped Letha a while longer until she was on the right track. Then I headed across the aisle myself to assist the big boys.

"Mommie, can I change clothes?" Not right now, I have to help Tim and Tadd.

After sending Tim and Tadd into the dressing rooms with 4 sizes in each of 4 styles of jeans, and making sure they were all off the sale racks, we were closer to making some decisions.

"Mommie, is it my turn to change clothes?" Be patient Kevin.

Ok, Kevin it's your turn. We headed over to the toddler boys section to check sale racks there. Found some cute (if there is such a thing) boy clothes. More slims. And some cute "Rock n' Roll" t-shirts. Kevin was ecstatic! He's never tried on clothes in the store. Off the to dressing room we went. "Mom, do I take off my underwear?" Um, no! He tried on the first outfit and ran, yes RAN out of the dressing room calling everyone's name that was with us to show off that he got to change clothes!


Hahaha! I love this cutie! He is such a ham. And make no mistake, the second outfit he tried on was treated with the same enthusiasm!

After all that. I have a preliminary product rave. Sears, Kid Advantage program. When you sign up for this program, any children's clothes that you purchase (regular or sale price) if your children wear them out before out-growing them, they will replace them, free. All children's clothes and shoes. I don't know about you, but my boys can put holes in the knees of jeans in about a month without even trying! I'll let you know how it goes if/when I have to replace something.

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  1. Hi There! Question about jeans for "skinny boys"... my 8 year old son needs a size 5 waist - he can wear 6 slims with adjustable waist, but the 7's are too big. He's grown a couple of inches this summer and needs an 8 for length... but all 8's (different brands, slims, adjustable waists) are way too big (I sure wish I had this problem!). Any suggestions of particular brand/style that works? THANKS!