Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Time to Reminisce.

TWELVE years ago right now, I was napping in a hospital bed with a prostagladen supp on my cervix.
Which led to contractions that started about 2 am.
Which led to my water breaking at 3 am, to which the nurse told my mom that if we could have frozen the floor we could have ice skated! (nice.)
Which eventually led to the birth of my firstborn, and only daughter around 5:07 pm later that evening. I remember very well the events of that day as they happened, but I will spare you the minute details. I will tell you (and you all KNOW) that it was the most amazing moment of my entire life! As her shoulders came out my Dr. had me grab ahold of her. Then I had to stop and hold her mid-air while they untangled her foot from her cord. It seemed like an enternity that I held her at arms length seeing only her sweet face and upper body. And then, FINALLY, I got to pull her to myself and hold the most precious gift I had ever been allowed to put my arms around. She cried for just a few moments and lay content in my arms while we counted her toes (which btw, looked exactly like her Father's, only cuter!)
Happy Birthday to my sweet Letha May ("great joy")!!!! I love you my precious girl!!!

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  1. Karina-

    Thank you so much for the hope that Deacon will always remember his little brother, as your sweet daughter remembers her grandmother. Also, I'm so sorry to hear about what your niece is now facing... carrying a baby with T18. As you know, I have walked this road personally and walked it with several others. Please let her know she can certainly contact any of us if she wants to.