Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday.

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I'm trying this for the first time, let's see how it goes.

I did not go to a Starfield concert this weekend. And I certainly did not join all the teenagers at the stage to jump up and down like crazy in a mosh pit having the time of my life. Because no self-respecting, almost 39 year old would do that, nope NOT ME!

I did not spend over $100 buying t-shirts and CDs for my daughter and her 3 friends. And I did not get a CD autographed by a band member. And I most certainly DID NOT fail to mention the expenditure to my husband. Nope, not me!

When my daughter came home from the concert and puked in the middle of the living room floor, I assure you, I did not immediately run to wake my husband at 12:30 am to clean up the mess. And I did not tell my daughter's friends that they could spend the night anyway, because I didn't want to take them home, and then not tell any of their parents that they were exposed to the pukeys. Certainly, not me!

And lastly, I did not spend the rest of my weekend in bed with a fever fighting the pukeys, leaving my dear husband in charge of all 5 children and making him take our 5 children plus our neighbor's 3 children to the Fall Festival at church and making him costume all of them on his own and escort them around to get candy, see puppet shows, play carnival games, and jump in inflatables by himself. And I did not make him bathe them on Saturday night and get them all ready for church on Sunday by himself. Nope, that was most definitely, NOT ME!!

Hey! That was fun wasn't it!? I'm so glad I didn't do all those things!

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  1. I'm glad you did'nt do these thing :) But I am glad that you had fun and that you are feeling better!

    I love you honey!!!!