Monday, December 13, 2010

For a Limited Time Only.

I'm going to take a moment and be very vulnerable here. This is hard for me to share because, well, it just is. Money is tight right now, real tight. All the bills are paid, but there's nothing left, tight. And truly, there is no money for Christmas this year. There was no money last year either, but Todd's very generous parents helped us out tremendously. But we just don't feel we can ask again. We are facing a loss of my income at the beginning of 2011, which frankly scares me more than I can admit. When that fear strikes I immediately run to the Lord and ask Him to provide. And He always has. Today I believe he put this idea in my head. So, here goes:

From now until December 23, I will be offering a fabulous cake for purchase suggested donation.

A homemade, from scratch 4 layer, 8-inch round, chocolate ganache-filled cake with cream cheese frosting. It will look like the cake above with red and green decoration and either say "Merry Christmas!" or have only the swirly decorations. It will serve up to 16 people.

I guarantee it will be delicious. People who have tasted it say they would pay up to $60 for one. But I will be offering it for the pre-paid suggested donation of $40. (the ingredients alone cost $15) Call me, E-mail me, Facebook me or leave a comment here if you'd like to order one for your holiday gathering. Tell me how many you want, what date you will need it on, and whether you want it to say Merry Christmas or not. Be sure to leave your phone number so we can discuss delivery or pick-up of your cake. This is for local friends and family only, sorry I cannot deliver outside the metro Denver area.

Oh, and please spread the word.

My sweet friend, Nancy, who lives on the other side of the country from me decided she wants to donate a cake to someone in Denver. What an incredibly generous notion! I will find a family in need to give a cake to, a double blessing! So, if you live outside the Denver area and want to donate a cake to someone in need then go for it!