Friday, November 20, 2009

Bowling Partay!

Our twins were born on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year their actual birthday falls on that same day. When I was pregnant with them my (39 week) due date of Dec 31 was a concern. You know, no parent wants their kids born that close to Christmas, especially twins, who already share a birthday. We were actually relieved when they were born 6 weeks early, because we thought it meant their birthday wouldn't be superceeded by Christmas.

We were somewhat wrong.

Their birthday and Christmas don't coincide, but Thanksgiving poses a problem. It really is hard to have a birthday party the weekend of Thanksgiving. Those who are in town usually have family obligations. So, tonight we are hosting the birthday bash.

Can I just stop right here, right now and tell you that 11 year old boys are LOUD! We have two rowdy ones all the time, but WHOA! Nine of them together are nearly deafening! Todd went to bed a bit ago and honestly, I don't see how he can possibly be sleeping.

Anyway. We had a Wii bowling tournament. It was awesome! Did I mention that 11 year olds are loud? Todd made pizza. It was awesome!! And I, of course, made cake! It was WICKED COOL! (bet you thought I was going to say 'awesome' again, huh?) Oh my heavens! Eleven year olds are LOUD!I love you boys! I'll wish you a happy birthday next week.


  1. Love the cake/cakes! What a great idea for twins. Last year was our first year for separate twin parties.... 8 year old boys are very different from 8 year old girls and they wanted to "do their own thing"... but we do family parties together.

    Enjoy the noise. Ha! You are braver than I am!

  2. I'm glad they had a great party. The cake looks awesome.