Wednesday, December 16, 2009

No More "Merry Christmas"!

So we all know that there's been a big swing towards being PC around the holidays. And many businesses as well as people have stopped saying, "Merry Christmas!" Instead they choose to use more ambiguous terms like, "Happy holidays.", "Season's Greetings." Things that won't offend people of other faiths or those with no faith at all. And the Christians are all up in arms.

While I agree somewhat with the sentiment that they are taking the Christ out of our Christmas, and it's absolutely ridiculous that the majority(Christians, in this case) have allowed the minority(those of other religious beliefs) to dictate away our faith, even in things as small as the phrase "Merry Christmas!"

But I began to wonder, what does "Merry Christmas!" really mean, and how does it really relate to anything substantial in my faith? I thought about the word merry, and what it means. Here's what the dictionary says:

1. full of cheerfulness or gaiety; joyous in disposition or spirit
2. laughingly happy; mirthful; festively joyous; hilarious
3. Archaic. causing happiness; pleasant; delightful.

While all these things are rightful to feel in view of what Christ has done in my heart and as a response to celebrating His birth. They are in fact a result of the work that Christ has done in me, not feelings that I can affect. As I pondered this I began to feel that saying a simple, "Merry Christmas!" falls very short of the goal of sharing the gospel to a lost and dying world. So, rather than wishing people gaiety and cheerfulness this season, I'd rather wish them Christ.

I propose:
"May the Christ of Christmas bring peace to your heart!"


  1. I know a woman who gives this greeting: "Blessed Advent" . . . I like it.

  2. It would definitely be a conversation starter. :) Not sure I'll use the phrase with folks... but... I like it.. just prayed it would be true for me and for my family... and for yours.