Monday, September 13, 2010

Rebel Thoughts.

I recently passed my 2nd blog-iversary. Somehow it's not a date that sticks into my mind. Speaking of blogging, I'm a horrible blogger. I would love to be a professional blogger, to speak my mind and have readers that think I'm witty and wise. But alas, I'm just not that self-disciplined. *sigh*

Today is the 14 year anniversary of the day that I became a mother! I remember that day as if it were just yesterday. It's my yearly ritual to casually watch the clock on my children's birthdays and remember about where I was in the process of having them at any given time throughout the day. For my daughter the process was much longer, an induction with 15 hours of labor compared to all the boys who were born by ceasarian section. My tiny 6 pound 9 ounce, 41 week baby is now in high school, planning for a career, she has had 2 surgeries, broken 2 bones, had stitches 2 times, been to 3 foreign countries, and is only a year+ away from a driver's permit! Heavens, time flies!

I began sponsoring a boy in Kenya through Compassion International in March. I chose this particular boy because he has the same birthday as my due date for the twin boys I lost through miscarriage in 2004. Today I chose to sponsor a girl in Guatemala, who has the birthday of my due date with our little girl we lost to miscarriage in 2003. I hope soon to sponsor another little boy in memory of the other twin we lost. It feels good to give life in memory of lives lost! Compassion is a great ministry, they help children and families, but they do so by educating them and helping them help themselves. They develop leaders. And they love them through Jesus! I love that!