Friday, October 15, 2010

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day

Remembering today not only my own 3 babies in heaven, Trista, Sam and David, but also remembering all the other mothers who have said goodbye to their babies sooner than expected.

Just to name a few:
Jami {Eisley}, Amber {Mason}, Laura {Pearl}, Angie {Audrey}, Kelly {Brooklyn}, Penny {Makenzie}, Nancy F. {Lucy & Georgia}, Amy, Jutta, Kimber, Barbara {Ali & Alana}, Nancy S. {Rylan's twin}, Laura {Sprout}, Lisa, CiJa {Carina, Noah}, Caley, Teresa {Noah}, and PamAg's neighbor.

Remembering that God had each day of the lives represented here numbered before the beginning of time. Each life had a purpose. Each life mattered. May God's purpose be accomplished through each life, and may we celebrate each day that the Lord gives us to live and breathe, worshiping and serving Him.