Thursday, May 16, 2013

Extreme Home Make-over Karina Edition - The Reveal!

I thought we were done tearing down all the walls. I was grossly, vastly, immensely, and hugely mistaken! Almost exactly 2 years ago, I made my last post on this blog before taking a hiatus. When I left, we were facing some really difficult family situations and my Bulldozer saw in me an addiction to the internet in general that was keeping me from being present with my kids and husband. As the Lord would have it, it was in putting away my computer that was the catalyst for figuring out one of the deepest roots (deeper still than the one previously discovered) of some of my behaviors that were destroying my family! This time, it really was the final bull-dozing that leveled me completely. And then began the reconstruction! OH! What amazing things God has done in me in the last 2 years! Complete healing in many respects, and continued healing in many others. He has taught me how to stand through persecution with strength and trust. He has taught me the meaning of forgiveness and helped me come to true forgiveness of one to whom it makes no earthly sense to forgive. He has given me deeply spiritual friendships that I have longed for for years, friends with whom I can be real and discuss my deepest spiritual thoughts without feeling weird. He has brought me out of a vast desert and into an abundant oasis of spiritual growth and maturity. He has deepened my understanding of and love for Him to depths I could never have imagined possible! And so many other countless, fathomless, indescribable things!! And NOW, I am on my way to getting a seminary education!! I have no idea where God will take me on this journey, but I trust Him completely to make it more than worth everything I put into it! Photobucket