Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Kitchen Floor.

Just a quick post to say that I blogged. :)

We put a new floor in this past week/weekend. I have no "before" pictures, because Todd pulled the nasty, supposed-to-be-white-but-looks-black, berber carpet out while I was napping on Thursday, recovering from an uncomfortable night in Letha's hospital room. I suppose I could take some "after" pictures, but the new floor just makes the rest of the kitchen look as gross as the carpet looked before we pulled it out. It reminds us that we have lived here for 11 years and haven't painted since just after we moved in.

On a little side note... I was down on the floor measuring for trim and while Todd was cutting the trim and adjusting the kick plate on the dishwasher, I decided to scrub the cabinets and kick plates really well. Have you ever considered your dishwasher? I thought that the inside of a dishwasher would be clean, because after all, it washes and cleans your dishes everytime it runs, right. Um, not so much. I was washing the outside, but had to open the door to scrub the sides of the door, you know. And since I was sitting on the floor, eye-level with the inside of the dishwaher (very unusual for me since I stand 6 feet tall), that's when I saw it. Filth, mold, and grime the likes of which I have never seen before (and hope never to see again!)!! Completely disgusting! If anyone has tips on keeping the inside of a dishwasher clean, I'm open to hearing them! blecccckkkk!

Anywhoo. Back to the floor.

You might think that one would be more excited about having a new kitchen floor. But as I mentioned, it makes it painfully obvious that there is more work to do, which is not so fun. And, the new floor was kind of a consolation prize. We were hoping not only to redo the kitchen completely, but to add a 10 foot by 18 foot addition to the kitchen and basement. With the economy like it is, we just can't justify the expense of moving forward with that plan. So, the new floor is a temporary fix to make the kitchen look a little better while we wait, and wait, and wait.

Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?

On a brighter note: A friend stopped by yesterday while we were finishing up the trim. She commented on how well Todd and I work together. And I have to say, I agree, we do work well together. That is such a blessing! When working on a project like this we fall into a completely comfortable roles. I'm the foreman and he is the laborer! Haha! Ok, I'm only half kidding. I am good at seeing the details. He is good at the execution. And we discuss together the best plan of action, then do it. I'm good at measuring, he's good at cutting! It works. Yes, we do have moments of tension when we're tired. We do get frustrated when things aren't working well, or we have to remove 4 pieces of flooring because we notice a chip in the laminate 2 rows back. But overall, we work well together like a well oiled machine. And it's a comforting testiment to me of the strength of our marriage.


  1. Yes, I have noticed the inside of the dishwasher. I recommend running vinegar in the rinse aid compartment. There will still be grime build up around the seals, though. It's gross.

  2. So, the dishwasher company told me to put 2 cups of white vinegar in a cup and run it through the dishwasher to clean it/unclog it. But, you can only do it once a year because it is so acidic they said it could eat away at the seals if you do it more often than that! Have fun!

  3. I heard on the radio just the other day the "fix" to cleaning your dishwasher was to sprinkle baking soda in the dishwasher and then to run it. I'm sure the seal area would need to be done by hand.

    And BTW how is it that we BOTH discovered how nasty a dishwasher can get?!?!!?!? I thought it should be cleaner, was ignoring the lime scale and ick......