Monday, April 13, 2009

Unsolved Mystery.

Last night after dinner when Letha took her first bite of chocolate cake (dessert) she grabbed her chest and started crying, "It hurts. It hurts." We couldn't really figure out what her other than her chest. Immediately our thoughts jumped to the conclusion that the device had become dislodged, because nothing else made sense. I took her to the ER, calling the cardiologist on the way. He also recommended that we go to the ER.

First they checked her blood pressure and O2. Her blood pressure was a little on the low side at first, but that could have been a bad reading since it was normal everytime after that. Then the took her for a chest x-ray and did an EKG. Both showed that the device was still in place and her heart rhythms were comepletely normal. On an interesting note... since her last x-ray a month ago (with the pneumonia), her heart has decreased in size and her pulmonary arteries have shrunk! That was wonderful news to my ears!

So, since her heart is OK, they next gave her Malox thinking it to be heartburn. It didn't help the pain. Then they drew blood to check heart enzymes and blood gases. everything was normal except the one for pulmonary embolism (sp). So they did another CT scan to check the lungs for clots. The CT came back clear.

They sent us home with Vicodin for pain and no explainations. We're following up with the cardiologist tomorrow for another echo. She is still in pain, it's less. And she's up and about, which tells me she's OK.

I talked to the pediatrician about her this morning at Kevin's 4 year check up. The pedi thinks that it's probably an esophageal spasm from what ever she was eating. I don't know what to think about that. Chocolate cake is pretty benign, and Malox didn't help, and she's still in pain, and eating doesn't effect it.

So, it's still a mystery. But, we know it's not what we feared. Seriously, I was expecting the worst last night. I was just sure they were going to have to rush her in immediately for open heart surgery! Thank God it wasnt' that!

And that's all I know for now.


  1. Praying.............

    Praying for answers. Praying for patience, and trust in God's perfect timing..........

  2. Sorry to hear Letha has been in pain. I hope you find some answers - I hate the not knowing, and I hope she is feeling better now.