Thursday, May 20, 2010

Physically Blinded in the Spiritual Realm

My friend Jennifer just spent the last 30 minutes trying desperately to figure out why her car wouldn't start. She had her Twitter friends sending her all kinds of ideas on how to hold the steering wheel, put it in Park, reset the alarm, change the fuse and many other ideas. After 30 minutes she realized that she was not in her own car! Laugh yes, it's funny. But it reminds me of an instance in my life many years ago.

I was 19, working at a theater running lights. My friend invited me up to her college apartment for the weekend. I left after the last performance of the current play, late on a Friday night.

I got in my car and headed to the highway. Somehow I was blinded to the entrance. I had taken that entrance hundreds of times before, but I never saw it this time. I wasn't distracted, there were no cell phones. I just simply didn't see it, like, didn't see it, it wasn't there, kind of didn't see it.

I thought I'd just take another way. I wound my way around turn after turn, dead end after dead end, getting more frustrated and annoyed with myself every moment. I wasn't lost. I knew where I was. I was just thwarted.

After an hour of driving around, I finally got on the highway headed towards my friend's place. About halfway there the pit of my stomach dropped out as I drove over a huge streak of blood and glass. There were police everywhere. I didn't know what happened but I knew that someone must have died.

Once I got to my friend's place I called another friend to let her know I'd arrived. She was almost in hysterics with worry. She told me that a woman in a Toyota (like mine) had hit a horse on the highway and was instantly killed. The accident happened about an hour before I passed that spot.

Freaky? Yes! But I have never had a doubt in my mind that the angels that are assigned to watch over me, blinded me to the entrance of the highway in order to keep me from being killed down the road that night. I can't answer for the woman that was killed that night, but I know that I was not ready to meet the Creator of the Universe at that time.

I am equally sure that Jennifer was blinded today to the fact that she wasn't in her own car. Really, how can you sit in someone else's car for half an hour and not recognize that you are surrounded by things that don't belong to you? You could blame Jennifer's situation on the fact that she's pregnant, and laugh at her mistake. But I would bet my bottom dollar that she was not meant to see her surroundings. I'd bet she was blinded in the spiritual realm for a purpose. Maybe she will never know why. Then again, maybe she will.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were blinded for a purpose?