Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rebel Thoughts.

Ahhh, the weekend. Time to relax and enjoy home. Or not so much.

Friday was my middle goddaughter's 19th birthday. I, of course, had to bake her a cake. My bestie, Penny, wanted to go to the Melting Pot, but alas, it was not to be. In lieu of Melting Pot, she decided to serve her own 4 course fondue meal for my goddaughter and her close friends. I offered to help serve the kids and bake the cake.

I stayed overnight because my little pink laptop, Tabitha, was going to be ready to pick up on Saturday morning. I sent out a tweet to see if anyone in the area wanted to meet for lunch and low and behold, 2 of my new bloggy mom friends were able to meet me, in addition to the one who was bringing Tabitha back to me!

This evening I made another cake for the daughter of a friend. I was thinking back to when I met my friend Kari. She was the first online friend that I met IRL (in real life). While I've only been blogging for about 2 1/2 years, I've been a part of online communities and bulletin boards for almost 9 years! Crazy.

I was thinking tonight about the first time I met Kari. We were part of a mothers of twins board and discovered that we live in the same metro area, albeit opposite ends of the city. We chose to meet at a mall somewhere in between. I wore make-up that day. I was really nervous. It seemed so strange to meet this person I had been posting online with for months. We knew each other, but not really. Kari wore make-up too. About midway through our lunch and playdate she told me it was unusual for her to wear make-up. She'd only worn it in case I was a real fashionista. Same reason I wore make up! Now when we get together neither of us wear make-up! Haha!

It's not so weird for me to meet online friends in person anymore. I still get a little nervous, but it wears off quickly. It's totally awesome how the internet can bring people together who would never otherwise have met. Yeah, you have to be careful, but it can be so rewarding!

On my way home I was driving in silence. I don't get a lot of silence in my life, so I take every opportunity to enjoy it when it comes. I was listening to the hum of the car going down the road at 75 miles per hour. It was about a middle C. A very sweet spot for this alto. It inspired me to sing. So, I had a little praise and worship time based on the road noise that my car makes. Weird. Lovely. But weird.

And in a few hours I will get up and head to church to sing some more. I love Sundays.

Good night.