Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rebel Thoughts...

My laptop, Tabitha, is gone for a few days to be repaired by a sweet bloggy friend's husband. Bloggy friend, Melissa. Husband, Matt. A few days ago Tabitha started acting up and Melissa jumped at the chance to help when I tweeted about it. I was a little shy about accepting such a generous offer, but I did it anyway.

I used to post Wordless Wednesdays, which I haven't done in a while but will continue in the future, just not this week, because all my pictures are on Tabitha. In fact, I am missing Tabitha greatly tonight. I'm using the kids' computer and it doesn't have all my bookmarks and passwords and familiarity to it that Tabitha has. She has become like a friend in the last 2 1/2 years. And in case you're wondering, I name everything. I named her specifically because Todd told me that my laptop needed a name for the network. I'm sure he was thinking something boring, like Pleckers laptop or something, but I had to close my eyes and feel for a name that would suit my pink vaio! ;) I'm weird. It's ok.

So, what other inanimate objects have I named? My truck is Mercy (said in the same voice as it's said in the song 'Pretty Woman', followed by a growl). My coffee maker is Valentino Tassimo. My camera is Olyver Olympus. My cell phone is Sophia B. Berry. My husband's car, which I bought brand new 21 years ago and has over 250K mi., is Road Runner. I'm weird. I know.

Among other things, tomorrow is supposed to be Del Taco day. But I am out of funds for the week, so we will probably have left-over quiche from dinner Monday night. Besides, the new manager at Del Taco made me mad over something really stupid and I have decided not to go back, at least for awhile. I might get over it someday, maybe when that manager moves on. I really miss Eddy.

My Christmas decorations are still up. I'm hoping they get taken down AND put away before my friend Bonnie comes to visit from Canada in March. At least she got her passport app filled out. The least I can do is take down my tree. :)

I made a cake tonight for one of my daughters of the heart's birthday. We also put Mason's name on the cake since my niece was here for FDN (Family Dinner Night). I have another cake for my goddaughter's birthday on Friday. And a third cake for another friend's daughter on Sunday. I seem destined to make cakes. I think I could make them in my sleep.

Speaking of Mason. His heaven day is tomorrow. I still can't believe how incredible it is that he lived 5 days. Nor how sad that he didn't get to live here. Nor how glad that he changed the course of our lives. Bittersweet. Happy Heaven Day little man.

This post is plain without pictures. I miss Tabitha. It's stupid to miss a computer. That's all I've got. Ciao!