Saturday, February 21, 2009

Del Taco Day.

This is a total fluff post, but necessary since I mention or twitter nearly every week about Del Taco Day.
Two weeks ago, I actually did go in with my camera and shoot the whole experience. I got some very strange looks from the other patrons, but what do I care? It's part of our life and I want to make a page of it in my scrapbook for my kids to remember, not to mention my blog.

I don't really know when it started. A few years ago they built a Del Taco near us. I have always been a Taco Bell fan so even after the restaurant appeared it took me several months before I would try it. But, when I finally did try it, let's just say I've only been back to Taco Bell once and it's a mistake I don't intend to make again!

I was still homeschooling when the tradition started so it must have been about 3 years ago. When I was too tired or hungry to make lunch and the budget was getting low, we would head over to Del Taco. I could feed all 4 kids and myself for less than $10. Then one of our neighbor girls sold us a discount card in a fundraiser that gave us BOGO on a value meal. That card paid for itself a 100 times over that year in Del Taco meals alone!

Some where along the line Del Taco day narrowed down to just one day a week
(I think because the big kids were getting burned out on it!) We all have our favorite/regular order, so when we walk in the door the kids grab a table and I order. But now that the big kids are in school, it's just the little boys and me on most days.

Our order:
Del Combo Delux meal (#1)
no red sauce, add green.

2 soft tacos.

And yes, I do cheat on my spin to get a churro coupon. The little boys and I split that churro 3 ways, as we do the fries that come with my meal. I do have a coupon for a free medium drink in the diaper bag if anyone wants it! I'll never use it!

The fun part of Del Taco Day is almost always watching Kevin. He's SO outgoing! I have watched him have conversations with total strangers, and no question is too personal or off limits to my 3 year old! I've seen him turn around and hold a 20 minute conversation with a man named Tim. He asks everybody's name, usually their age, and tells them his, and his siblings, he asks about their jobs and families. Most people find him very cute, personable and enjoyable.
While there have been a few that are annoyed by an outgoing child, they are rare. Rather than tell him the harsh reality that some people don't like children, I tell him that some people are shy and don't like to talk to strangers. I just can't find it in myself to quell his natural desire to socialize with people. Just this past Wednesday, he talked up one of the employees on break in the lobby. As we finished our meal the young man came out and gave Kevin a toy, simply because he liked talking to Kevin. (I think Kevin may find a future career in sales!)

And that is Del Taco Day in a nutshell.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I have always wondered. We have once mexcian restaurant in Canada..Taco Time.