Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prayers Needed.

Last Fall when I was working with my niece on baby Mason's album, I came across this blog. A family lost their unborn son, Gabe. He was born still the next day. Patrice posted some beautiful poetry about her loss that I was able to share with my niece for Mason. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark the blog and had no recollection of how to get back. About a month ago while randomly picking through some of the NMM posts on Mck Mama's blog carnival I happened to click on Patrice's link! I recognized it at once and was overjoyed to read that this mom to a baby in heaven was soon to give birth to a second son.

I felt a connection to Patrice because of the poetry she had shared, and I have been excitely anticipating the birth of Jonah from afar. Patrice was induced at 37 weeks (the time at which her first son Gabe had died) in hopes of circumventing the posibility of anything going wrong. Jonah was born yesterday, but their joy has turned to anxiety and uncertainty. Jonah has a rare genetic skin disorder. You can read about it here.

My heart just aches for these young parents. I cannot begin to know what they must be thinking or feeling. After the heart shattering experience of losing their firstborn, they are now staring in the face the possibility of watching their second son fly to the arms of Jesus. Would you join me in praying for this family? May God be near and bless them with a miracle for baby Jonah.

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  1. I just found this heartbreaking. I am praying for them.