Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - On Being a Bad Influence.

My Goddaughter.

Yes, I did this to her. I influenced her mother to allow her to do this. I bought the dye. I put it in her hair. Oh yeah, did I mention, I have purple hair?!

And... I'm shooting for a minimum of four comments today. Come on folks, let's hear from you!


  1. Wahoooo, I get to be the first commenter, you have no idea how hard I have tried.... ha ha well so we don't have as many comments as McMama but I think we are doing okay.
    Okay, so when we move in next door you are so going to be my daughters favorite! Beautiful shade of purple!
    Said it before and I'm saying it again...... You crafty person you! I still spend way to much to cover the gray that I don't have. Terrified to do it myself.

  2. Do you ever wonder just who it is that is reading????? It is kind of creepy in a funny way.

  3. Looks like you didn't get your four, so I'll help! :) Cute blog!