Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home Alone.

******** UPDATE ********

The man was trying to serve us papers. He saw Letha and thought she was an adult(puh-leez) which is why he was being SO persistent. The company serving us papers called Todd today at work and he figured it out. The man perfectly matched the description Letha gave.

I'm very relieved. Sure, I think he's an idiot to think my little girl looks like an adult, but at least I know he wasn't a SICK-O, and had a valid reason for persisting. I do hope that the company tells him that he frightened a little girl and that he needs to be more careful in the future.

I can't wait to explain it to Letha when she gets home from school. I know she'll be relieved too.


We had church tonight. As we were leaving Letha was throwing a big fit and threatening her brother, so I made her stay home.

About 7:45 she called me, crying. A man had come to the door and rang the bell. Letha looked out the living room window (above and to the right of the front door) and the man made eye contact with her. He then continued to ring the bell and knock on the door for long enough to completely unnerve her.

When she called all I could get from her was that there was a man at the door that would not go away. So, I had her hang up and dial 911. In the meantime I called Todd (who was elsewhere in the church) and sent him home. Then I called her back and stayed on the phone with her until the police arrived. By the time I called her back, the man had gone.

She did great. She gave a good description of the man to the police and they scanned the neighborhood looking for him. When Todd got home they talked to him and told him there had been several complaints in the area of solicitations after dark. (I guess that's a no-no, ???)

What bothers me most about this is that the man continued to ring the bell and knock on the door after he saw her. What kind of sales person would be so rude/persistent? Obviously a young girl is NOT going to open the door for a strange man. Which leads me to believe that he couldn't have been legit and that his motives were sinister, which just makes me really ANGRY! (and scared) Who knows.

She's safe. We have no answers about who or why (but I will be talking to my neighbors). I'm proud of her for handling it and calling when she got uncomfortable. And the police know to be on the lookout, in case. And I've hugged and held her tight. I suspect she may have a tough night tonight. We'll see.

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