Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I am totally a night person and with the exception of LOVING to snuggle with my children in the mornings, I could do without mornings altogether. This week there was not a day when my 3 year old woke that I went and released him from his locked bedroom and brought him to my room to "snuggle" so that I could get a few more winks before officially starting the day. On this particular morning the baby was not awake, playing nicely in his crib, and I did not decide to continue sleeping for as long as he was playing quietly and not crying. I could have been dreaming, but I'm pretty sure that was not me!

The baby did not start crying about a half and hour later, and I did not delay in going to get him for long enough that he climbed up and flopped himself out of the crib. He did not go into the hall and stand crying at my bedroom door. My 3 year old was not the one that opened my door to let him in while I continued to lounge in bed. You know that would have been completely lazy and irresponsible. Totally, not me!

After snuggling with the baby, calming him down and checking him over for bruises, I did not take him back into his room, put him in his crib and ask him to show me how he climbed out. He didn't stand up on the crib toy he had pulled off the rails and get just enough extra height to be able to push his body over the top of the rail only to stop and begin crying because he was terrified of falling out of the crib again. I did not further traumatize him by laying on the floor under him and try coaxing him to go ahead and take the fall. He was not so cute trying to please me that he made a few more attempts, each resulting in him deciding not to do it a crying because he wanted to please me but was scared. Who would do that to a BABY? Not me!!!

I have not slept for weeks on sheets that have holes in them just because they are the only flannel sheets we have and I refuse to put the 'cold' sheets on the bed. The quilt on my bed is also not looking shredded. When I went to Wally-world to finally replace them they were all out of flannel sheets, but had, on clearance, some nice, thick fleece sheets. I didn't buy them or a new quilt. When my husband got in bed that night he didn't make the comment that it felt like slipping into a marshmallow. I did NOT immediately strip down and climb in bed to check it out myself, and I did not completely agree with him! We are not now obsessed with our "marshmallow bed"! I did not ask him in church this morning if he'd like to be napping in "marshmallow bed" and he did not say "YES!" We did not manipulate our afternoon just to make sure we could get there. We're SO NOT obsessed! Not US!

I am not typing this post from the "Marshmallow bed"!

Now it will not be harder to get myself out of bed in the mornings when the little boys wake up! Not for me!

PS. I did NOT do the hand jive in choir this morning in front of everyone while the orchestra played a groovy tune. Wouldn't that be immature!?! So glad that was not me!!!