Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cutest Little Kiss.

I love babies. I would keep having them if a) I weren't getting old b) we had more room in our car and house and c) we were independently wealthy and could afford to raise them without money issues. At this very moment, if it were an option, I would be trying for #6 as I feel like my babies are slipping away. Instead, I am trying to treasure up the moments I have left of these 2 little boys before they become children, then preteens, then teenagers and all too soon, adults! To that end I post this little story...

Izaak hasn't ever quite figured out the timing of the smack of a kiss. Sometimes it's early, sometimes late, but most often it's non-existent. The other day I asked him for a kiss and he put his lips to my cheek and instead of smacking he whispered something. I repeated my request several times, each time getting the same response, which helped me figure it out. Everytime I asked for a kiss and he put his lips to my cheek, he was whispering, "Kissy"! My heart just melted with the sweetness of it!

I don't know how long it will last before he starts kissing with smacks, but I intended to treasure every single one of those whispered kissies!


Just had to add these pictures from today when Izaak fell asleep right before lunch. Poor baby, he was SO tired.


  1. Hey you! I am signing up for your strike! Forget the better pay...bills would eat it, just give me CHOCOLATE!!

    Love those bay kisses. Kendall is a bumper..... she just bumps her face on your face....or arm...or knee.. you get the idea. Much better than her former wet sloppy attempts. Squeeze those babies.........

  2. The phone took the trip......... YUK! Just what I don't need right now, and on top of it we have been buried in with bad weather. We did manage to make it out for church on sunday but not since and I am with you on the stir craziness sister!!! I offered to be the shoveler of the loooong driveway today just to get out and away for awhile.

    I hope you had a fun night out. My hopes are that tomorrow we will have piano and I will get a new phone while out.