Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two for Tuesday.

The thing I like about blogging is connecting with people. That is really hard to do when readers don't comment. So, today is audience participation time. AND I'll make it really simple. Two questions with two answers...

1. Name your TWO best personality traits.

2. What are TWO baby names you had picked out but didn't use (or haven't used yet, if you're not done)?


  1. Yes, I'm going to answer my own!

    1. My 2 best personality traits are humor and compassion.

    2. 2 names I picked out but didn't use...

    Faith JoLee (never had another girl :( ) and Benjamin Keith (decided after awhile that I didn't like this as much as I originally thought).

  2. Hey Karina!

    1. My best traits would maybe be: loyalty, and Humor.

    2. My names would be: Emery (we ended up liking Avari better) and Elijah (still my Fav. boys name... Maybe I ill have one someday!)

  3. hmmmmm

    Well I will play

    1. Best traits....... caring and humor. gotta have humor in this life.

    2. Justin and Jordan neither fit with the 3rd and 4th pregnancies.

    and by the way a K-LOVE cruise is my dream too! I have been trying for 2010. Tim is not real interested but I really want to go.

  4. I am an awesome listener, I was always optimistic until a year ago. I hope I get babck to my old self soon.

    We loved Kyle Austin for a boy on had girls so never used it

  5. 1. My 2 best personality traits are empathy and determination ... but not necessarily at the same time!

    2. 2 names: Emma and Geoffrey. I also love Justin, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Aubrey. Don't forget Hannah and Emily. And little Preston. That would be 10 kids (counting the one I already have).

  6. My two best personality traits are loyalty and humour.

    For a girl we liked Bridey and boy we liked Benoit.

  7. Just found your blog via Facebook via MckMamma's blog. Don't you just love the online world?

    1. Humor and enthusiasm for life (except when I don't)

    2. I don't have kids, so don't steal my names...loved Jonathan Seth when I was much, much younger. And have been stuck on the name Tristan Scott for about 10 years now. I hope I find a man who has girl names picked out and will let me pick the boy names.

  8. 1. 2 best personality traits: optimism, determination.

    2. baby names picked but not used:
    Nathaniel Finn
    Benjamin Gabriel

    I have used my favorite girl names.:)
    If I had another girl, I would use L & G as initials --
    Lilly/Leila Grace