Monday, May 4, 2009

The Grand Return of "Not Me!" Monday!!!

Stellan is finally home from the hospital. My friend Mck Mama is getting back into the groove of a "new normal" after being in the hospital away from home for five and a half weeks. Stellan's heart condition is stable, under control, and being closely monitored. And so, WE NOW RETURN TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This past week, I did not go on, what I believe to be, a hormonal rampage. I was not mad at my husband for every tiny little thing he didn't do my way. I did not nearly scream myself hoarse, alone in the garage, while changing carseats. I did not refuse his offers of help because I didn't want him to feel better while I was miserable. No sir! I am a gentle, kind and loving wife. That was not me!!

I did not, in said fit of pique, slam the hatch of the van in anger so hard that when it hit my shoulder it nearly knocked me down. I did not sit on the floor of the garage and bawl like a baby because it hurt so bad. I did not spend the next day wondering if I had fractured the bone and if I should have it x-rayed. I did not secretly hope that it was broken so I could get some sympathy and pampering. I would certainly never admit that on my blog. No, not me!

I am not a sinner, saved by and extremely thankful for God's grace. I'm a perfect saint. So that could not have been me!

I did not get my haircut at a children's salon because my friend works there and will no longer cut my hair in her home. (something about not wanting to cut hair on her days off? harumphf!) I didn't feel like a complete weirdo, so much that I ended up getting the hair of the 3 children I had with me cut too, to make me feel better. Not me!

After getting over my rampage and feeling more on an even keel the rest of the week, I did not spend the drive home from the salon griping at my husband. I did not go on and on about how he folded every single piece of the baby's laundry incorrectly wrong when he'd tried to help me the week before. I did not tell him that his help was not helpful. I did not repeat myself six times. I did not cry and become distraught. When I finally hung up the phone as we pulled into the driveway, my daughter did not, after having waited patiently to not interupt, admit that she had folded the baby's laundry. There is no way I could be such an insensitive heel, nope, NOT ME!!!

I hope you can be brutally honest and live to tell about it. What have you NOT done this week?

Yes, my shoulder is feeling better, still bruised and sore to touch, but better. It's got that sickening yellowish hue to it. ICK! Glad it's not my shoulder!


  1. Oh the things we do......

    Isn't wonderful that although a bit confused our husbands still love us after we act like maniacs... I mean 2-yr olds.....

    Ha Ha Oh the hormones and thank God we have them so we can blame SOMEONE for our horrid behavior!

  2. just hopping over from MckMama's blog....My heart goes out to you. Hope this week goes MUCH better! Is your shoulder feeling better yet?

  3. Oh Karina, that was a funny one! Loved the laundry folding bit. Yep, you were definitely hormonal!

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  5. Karina, this blog proves a hunch I've had for a long time ... you are a NUT! (in a totally fun and loving way, of course!)