Thursday, May 28, 2009

Whacky Hair Day.

I love these boys. They have such a spirit of fun and adventure. Anyone who knows us knows that Tim has had a mohawk of some sort for the last 4 years. Even Tadd has toyed with his hair off and on. Me, I let the kids choose their hairstyle.

Again, as with my hair, the question "Why?" comes up a lot. Yes, the grandparents basically hate their hairstyles. My husband has come to understand the why, though he may not fully embrace it. Why? Because hair is hair. Because a funky hairstyle is not illegal, immoral, or life-threatening. Because it's an area in which they know that we will allow them to express themselves freely. Because there are more important issues on which we will NOT compromise; obedience, respect for God, others and self, honesty, no drugs, no alcohol, no tobacco use.

And so, when Whacky Hair Day comes around, we go all out. There's nothing too wild or whacky! There is only these great, fun, giggly, respectful, truthful, crazy, whacky boys and their creative hairstyles!

This, is not whacky hair, it's messy bedhead! Haha!


  1. awesome, awesome! your kids are truly fortunate to have a Mom as spirited and fun as you. Your points about things in life that are NOT negotiable is well taken. Allowing your kids some freedom in an area like this is an excellent idea - a little freedom and creativity. Yup, I think this makes you one cool Mom.