Monday, May 4, 2009

One Month Post-Occluder.

Can you believe it has actually been over a month since Letha had her heart cath for the placement of the Amplatzer occluder?

She had her one month check-up with Dr. Miller today, including an echocardiogram. The echo looked great! The occluder is doing it's job. Letha is feeling great. She is still having minor headaches associated with exertion, but they are getting better.

I have to tell you, she is a different person! She is more energetic, more active. Basically, she is more Letha than she has ever been in her whole childhood up until now! I love seeing her blossom into an even more vibrant young woman. In fact, it's such a big change that it's hard not to feel cheated of all the years she lost to ASD. When I start feeling that way, I remember to thank God that we found it now and not many more years down the road. Now, when she is young enough to heal and recover from the effects of the ASD, and have a normal healthy-sized heart and pulmonary artery in her future. And I try to remember that God knew what was best from the beginning. I believe that, I really do, it's because I can't see how it was best that I struggle with it. But I know that God can see it, and my faith allows me to trust His character and love.

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  1. She looks great!!! Glad to hear she is feeling well.

    How are you doing? You have been MIA in bloggy world and a little sparse on twitter.

    Got another award for ya over at my blog.