Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Becoming Big Boys.

It hardly seems possible, but it is truly happening, that my baby boys are growing up. Just a few short weeks ago Izaak turned two. And while I love each new stage, I always mourn the passing of the last one.

Tonight both Kevin and Izaak began an exciting, wonderful, and alarming (to my mommie heart) transition. Kevin moved to the top bunk of the bed in preparation for Izaak to begin to occupy the bottom bunk. Izaak is at this very moment, sleeping on a mattress on the floor in his nursery in training for moving said mattress to the bottom bunk once he masters the art of not rolling out of a bed without bars.

Amazingly, Izaak took to the new sleeping arrangements by going straight to sleep and shocking both of his parents! It is hard to believe that he is really old enough for this transition, though he is probably the oldest of my 5 to still be in a crib. He's my baby, after all.

We rearranged the beds this evening after dinner and, of course, had to have a photo shoot in each room.

I'm hopeful that tomorrow morning more of this kind of snuggling will be taking place.

My other hopes include a move to the bottom bunk sometime next week, a move of my horribly messy craft room into an empty nursery (I'm not completely heart broken over the transition!), and shortly in the futre: POTTY TRAINING (but you can read more about that in my NMM post in the morning!)!!!! (psst, Bonnie, I smell a tackle coming on!)

My precious Mother-in-love has always said, "We raise them to let them go." While I haven't always found those to be the most comforting words, they are true and, at least, we get to do it bits at a time as they grow and not cold turkey!


  1. Very cute - Audrey has just gone into a big girl bed too!

  2. Oh wow, is Izaak really two? where has the time gone! I remember when your twins were little.

    Great post Karina, you have two beautiful little boys.