Thursday, July 16, 2009

Racin' for Mason.

I began this blog nearly a year ago, shortly after learning that my great-nephew, Mason, had a fatal chromosomal disorder, Trisomy 18. In my grief and need for support I was referred to Angie Smith's blog, Bring the Rain. I read nearly all of her blog, start to finish in one day, spending most of it in bed crying while trying not to let my tears drip on my laptop. And I decided then to blog as an outlet for my griefs and joys.

I journeyed with my niece through her pregnancy, trying to offer unconditional love and support, and trying not to say anything stupid or hurtful. Against all odds and doctors' wisdom, Mason not only made it to full-term, but he survived labor and delivery, and he lived a MIRACULOUS 5 days! He even got to go home to live with his mommy, daddy and big brother for 3 of those days, before flying to the arms of Jesus on January 12, 2009.

At one point in my niece's pregnancy, God orchestrated that Linda at my Bible Study, the receptionist at my own OB/GYN, my friend Shellie (who knew someone who...) and a stranger (who happened to be the cousin of Laura of SOP) that I met at a scrapbooking weekend retreat all told me that I needed to contact String of Pearls. God definitely did not want to just hint around, He meant business.

My niece was hesitant to call and asked me if I would call for her. I did and found Laura expecting to hear from me. I immediately felt God's peace rushing through the phone and into my heart. God is my rock, my shelter, my stronghold in times of trouble and He had clearly sent me to Laura and String of Pearls. Later that day my niece came over and I shared with her what Laura and I had talked about. I strongly encouraged her to call and meet with Laura. She did.

The help, support and love my family received from String of Pearls was priceless. It was more than we could ever have asked or imagined. Even still, they continue their support through the first years after Mason's death.

Now that I've brought you all up to speed on the last year, as it realtes to Mason and String of Pearls, I've finally arrived at the point of this whole post! On July 25, 2009 there is a local 5K run/walk the proceeds of which will go to String of Pearls. Our family will be walking as "Team Mason" in his memory and in support of String of Pearls' ministry. I'd like to raise more money in Mason's memory for String of Pearls than just our entrance fees. So, I'm extending to you the opportunity to donate directly to String of Pearls by clicking on the "Racin' for Mason" button. (I'm going to attempt to put it at the top of my blog and link it to SOP's donation page.) If you decide to make a donation, it would mean a great deal to our family if you would do so in Mason's name.

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