Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Escuela Cerros Arriba

Our first day in Quepos.

Our surroundings are stunningly beautiful. Our day started early, a head-spinning 5:30 am. for this night owl! But, I was surprisingly awake and alert, chipper even. It didn’t hurt that Mike threatened latrine digging duty for anyone less than happy to greet the morning. Trust me, I’d rather be happy at 6 am. than to dig a latrine!

After breakfast we split into our groups, loaded into busses and headed to our work sites. One group staying behind for K.P., another 3 groups going to the saw mill, and 2 groups going to the school.

My group went to the school.

The current school is little more than some posts in the ground with a corrugated tin roof and chain link fence walls. There are ten students, 3 of which have special needs. Because of the size of the school they do not qualify for government assistance. Once the new school is finished it will draw more students and those special needs students will be able to get the extra help that they need!

I’m not sure how much we actually worked today. And, I know that the teacher didn’t get much teaching done. But, we had some very good times climbing over language barriers to touch the lives of some very cute kids, to play, and have fun. I can’t wait to return later in the week to do it again.

This evening two men from the rehab program came to share their testimonies. Alejandro and Jason shared how drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed their lives and they shared how God had found them and is making them brand new! Alejandro has completed the one year program and is now working in the house as a director to give back to the program that changed his life. Jason has been in the program for 5 months. These men gave me such hope! I never get tired of hearing how God works in the lives of people all over the world. What a blessing!

The scripture we read today was John 5:1-15. It was no coincidence that it went right along with the stories of these men’s lives who were changed.

Prayer request: Please pray for our fearless leader, Mike. He was taken to the hospital tonight in San Jose for a probable apendectomy. Pray for our group to continue on smoothly without him.

Pura Vida! Gracias a Dios con mucho gusto!