Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Crazy Busy.

I enjoy times of crazy busy, as long as they don't last too long. I also enjoy times of peaceful serenity, but I wouldn't want them forever.

Life is an ebb and flow. I believe Jesus taught balance, in a 100% sold out kind of way. :)

For a few weeks we had crazy busy with Movement 5280. Then we had a holiday week, and we had a few activities, but also much time to relax and rest. This week is crazy again, with jumping back into homeschooling and rehearsals for our Christmas musical.

Finding time alone with God is a challenge, but essential. After all, what is the point of all the activities if I'm not connecting with the One whom it is all about? Point well taken, cuz I'm preaching to myself here. Got it.

So, I just thought I'd drop in and say, "Hi!"