Thursday, June 4, 2009

Missing: The Cat's Meow.

Allow me to introduce you to Lucifur (aka: Louie). He's our fluff ball, world's most friendly, likes to eat with the family, purr-fect cat. We acquired Louie from my best friend 7 years ago when she was unable to have him and his brother, Michael, move into their rental house. Eventually Michael rejoined them, but Louie stayed with us. He became part of our family.

Lucifur got his name by peeing all over my house when he first arrived. I wanted to name such an evil cat Satan, but my daughter wouldn't let me. She was 5 at the time and so into princesses, so I convinced her to name him after Cinderella's cat, Lucifur. It was a short time later that we discovered that Louie had crystals in his urine that caused him great discomfort which led to his peeing outside the box. Once we got that taken care of he stopped peeing everywhere. But alas, the name stuck.

Louie is anything but evil. He's actually the sweetest cat I think I've ever known, including my childhood kitty, Krisco, who was my guardian angel for years. Louie is social, like no other cat ever. He usually takes his meals with the family, not at the table, but at the same time. He loves to snuggle up to anyone and everyone who will give him any attention at all. He especially likes to sleep on my clean laundry, a practice I abhor but cannot seem to break him of. He comes when called and is quite pampered, getting brushed every single day. It's important to note that Louie came to us clawless.

Wednesday, somehow, the back door got left open between the time that Todd and the boys left the house for the day and the time when I came upstairs for breakfast. We haven't seen Louie since. He has gotten out before, but usually comes to my window to caterwaul at 3 am. until he gets let in. I was surprised this morning when I woke that my sleep hadn't been interupted. So, we are beginning to worry. It's not like him to be gone, he's an indoor cat. My sweet Letha is nearly frantic.

So my dear bloggy readers, if I could ask for your prayers for Lucifur and our family, it would mean a lot. I know he's just a pet, but pets are important in their own way.

Louie, if youre reading this, come home safe and come home soon! We love you!

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  1. I'll be praying here. I know the anguish that comes with not knowing where your beloved kitty is. We've had that happen one too many times and it's heartbreaking. I hope he comes back and interrupts your most pleasant night's sleep very very soon!

    ((Hugs)) to you and especially to Letha.