Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It Only Took Five and a Half Years!

In January of 2004 Todd and I went on a two week missions trip to Nicaragua. During our absence his parents stayed with our children and we asked his dad to gut our defunct, outdated, upstairs bathroom. He gladly obliged and we came home to a room stripped of everything but a toilet. Our thought was that we would work on it a little bit at a time as we could afford it. But, that never happened.

Two years ago, Todd's parents came for another visit. Feeling bed that he had gutted our bathroom and that it was still in such a sad state, Todd's dad came to our rescue and paid for the major pieces (tub and vanity). While here he helped Todd install the tub.

Another year passed in which we had planned to tile the bathroom our selves. The tile was purchased. We installed the backerboard. And there it sat. We were too busy with a new baby and four other growing children to spend the time required to learn how to and perfect tiling. So, we decided that we would hire someone to do the tile and we would finish the rest ourselves.

This is where we started a year ago...

This is the inset of the tile line in the tub surround.

Close up of the floor tile.

Then, the Tile Guy left. Over the next several weeks we installed the faucet and shower curtain rod, put up Wainscotting and trim, installed the sink and countertop. My favorite part was shopping for the ducky decor and towels. In December a friend came and put up the baseboard (as a "thank you" for the wedding cake I made him!).

Still is sat for the last several months waiting for the finishing touches, you know, nail holes filled and painted, a MIRROR, stuff like that. Well, Todd's parents are heading out this weekend for a visit and I couldn't have them again with the bathroom unfinished. So, a few weeks ago I began construction on the mirror. I built the frame, then last week I tiled and inset the mirror and HUNG it! During that time I persuaded Todd to fill in the holes in the Wainscotting and trim and touch them up with paint. You can see the Wainscotting in the reflection of my mirror. I love how this mirror turned out, and I'm proud of it!

So, now it is finally COMPLETE! And, it only took five and a half years!


  1. Love it Karina. Great job on the mirror.

  2. That looks great! So worth all the hard work and wait.

  3. It looks great Karina..I'd say more but it's 10 pm and the twins just won't goto bed nor will the baby who is crawling everywhere!

  4. Wow!!!! I have said it before but you are the most creative person I have ever met.... um internetted with he he.....

    Gorgeous bathroom looks like it would have come straight out of a spa....... well if I knew what the inside of a spa looked like.