Monday, June 15, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday - The Great Garage Make-Over!

Well, my friends. Last week my husband, his father and I worked our little toushies off to accomplish this tackle that I have been trying to get done for four years.

The Garage.

Somehow having kids, kids and more kids mulitplies the "stuff" in the garage exponentially. Eleven years ago when we moved into this house we had one kid with no stuff to store in the garage. We, ourselves, didn't even have enough furninture to fill the house, much less the garage. Things have gone down hill since then.

While there is room to park the new land yacht, there's no room to do much of anything else.
We made overhead storage to store mattresses and such that we really don't want on the floor, but even that has become over-run with stuff that really doesn't belong up there but has nowhere else to go.
Todd had a workbench back in the corner that was extremely difficult to reach with all the kids' stuff piled on, under and infront of it. And a peg board hung over the drywall making it impossible to put hooks through to hang things on. Not real efficient for accomplishing anything.
And more stuff.

So, what did we do?

We pulled everything out.

Rearranged the layout.

Built a new workbench.

Hung an organizing system.

Sorted through the stuff.

Threw some away.

Put the rest back in the garage in its new spot.

The Result...
A place for everything and everything in its place!
The new workbench along the side so stuff can't get piled in front of it! Camping equipment stored under it and a shelf to have the power tools within reach. We also added lights above and outlets for said power tools. And just in case you are wondering, that tool box to the left DID get cleaned out and organized as well!
All the useful hardware, sorted, organized and LABELLED! No more coffee cans, folks! Hopefully this will help keep us from buying redundant hardware.
A peg board organizer that actually works for pegs and organizes stuff! (also labelled under each tool so that if something is missing you know what goes there)
Garden tools hung so they won't fall on you as you walk by!
Bicycles all hung on the wall out of the way, but easy enough to access that the kids can do it.
Sports equipment and balls now have a place! And a spot up high for storing wood.
Poisons up high out of reach. And bins to store larger things for projects like painting, tiling, electrical work or plumbing; labelled and easy to access, again in hopes of cutting down on purchasing duplicates of things we already have while working on a project.
And, yes! Both vehicles DO fit into the space now!!! WOOT!!

And then there's the HUGE piles of stuff that left our home for good.


  1. Oh my...Karina, that should win an AWARD!!!!

    That must have been so much work but you did an amazing job. It probably feels so great to get out there everyday and see what your end result.

    Awesome tackle my friend.

    You inspire me.

  2. Thanks, Bonnie! It was a LOT of work, 3 whole days! And we had to drag stuff back in each afternoon to avoid getting rained on! Craziness!

  3. WOW - that's about all I can say. WOW. Must be a great feeling. Congratulations!!

  4. Ever thought of being part of Mission Organization?? (I love that show!)...

    Anyway, great job!! But Ido have one question: Why are your cars in the garage? Is that where they are supposed to go? I had no clue! =)