Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've Had I Have Better Days.

So, Monday night I was typing this really long post about my horrible day where we spent the entire morning in the ER waiting to get Izaak's forehead glued shut, and the entire afternoon in the Orthodontist's office being told how horrific my son's teeth are (which I knew, hence the reason I made the appointment), when my friend Sharilyn pops on and starts chatting with me on Skype about her cousin's baby Noah.

Suddenly, my horrible day seems more whiny and pathetic than truly horrible. Noah's mommy is facing life and death everyday on a medical roller-coaster ride that I cannot begin to fathom. Yeah, my healthy son fell out of bed and had to get his wound glued shut with Derma-bond. And my other healthy son has a mouthful of crooked teeth that can be straightened. It was tiring and draining and inconvenient for me.
So, what. Really, I know God cares about my day, intimately. I just needed to stop complaining and appreciate the blessings I've been given.

So, after reading Noah's blog and chatting with my friend, I made this button for Noah. Would you please join me in praying for baby Noah, and pop over to his blog to leave a word of encouragement for his family? And would you ask your friends to pray for baby Noah? And, if you're a mom or dad that has healthy kids, would you hug them, appreciate them and thank God for blessing you with their lives?