Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farewell Sweet Margaret.

Margaret Holt
November 4, 1944 - February 24, 2010

My sweet friend Heather just called to tell me that her mother passed away unexpectedly this morning. Margaret was a dear lady, like a second mom to me. She shared in my sorrows and rejoiced with me in my joys. Margaret loved. She was kind and sincere. She gave of herself and was quick to help. She loved my kids like grandkids.

I remember talking to Margaret late one night several years ago. We were sharing our sorrows of infertility, and sharing the joy that motherhood had brought to us. We shared also of our faith in God's sovereignty. I told her that night how I wanted another baby, but knew that our days of fertility treatments were over. We simply couldn't afford to have more. Little did I know that during that conversation I was already pregnant with my sweet baby, Izaak! When the next week I told her I was pregnant, I don't think there was anyone who celebrated that precious life more than Margaret. She was a gem.

I grieve for my friend Heather. But I also grieve the loss of a dear friend. I will miss you Margaret and your sweet British accent, your soft caring voice, and your ready smile. I'm glad to know that you are no longer in pain. Rest in the Heavenly Father's peace.