Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Quarky "Bubble... Dum!" Miracle.

I believe God is interested in our lives, not just the big, spiritual stuff but every detail. I definitely believe in miracles (as I posted here and here). But sometimes God's sense of humor, his attention to insignificant detail, and his understanding of what drives our hearts just makes me want to giggle!

It was about two and a half years ago when I got my first cell phone, a pink Motorolla Razor. I had the brilliant idea to record my then 2 year old son, Kevin, saying, "Daddy's calling.", "Grandma's calling." and "The kids are calling." so I could set them as 'ringtones' for those specific people. It was adorable! The only problem was that we spent hours trying to set those little recordings as ringtones and we couldn't do it. I tried every angle I could think of to no avail. I even gave the phone to my kids to try.

A short time later my battery quit holding a charge, so Todd took the phone to the store to have it replaced. He brought it home and we charged it up. Then he called me. I was completely flabbergasted when I heard Kevin's voice, "Daddy's calling!" No way! When I answered I asked Todd how they'd done it. He hadn't a clue. He hadn't mentioned it to anyone, they had just simply replaced the old battery with a new one. I thought there must be some glitch. So, I had other people call me and the regular ringtone played. The other recordings we had made were not attached to the caller id of those individuals, just Todd's "Daddy's calling!"

We tried anew to set the other recordings, seeing as how it obviously could be done. It never happened. For the next 20 months every time Todd called Kevin's voice sang out that "Daddy's calling!" There was only one answer, God. The only logical answer is that God cared enough about the tiniest, most insignificant, silly detail of my heart to cause that specific ringtone to attached to the exact profile I wanted it on and no other. Hmmm. Interesting. A one in a billion fluke? You might think so, but it happened again, only different.

Back in September I got a new phone, a BlackBerry Storm. Along about December Izaak (now 2) said his first big word and it was so cute I decided to record it so I could also hear his precious voice when people called. "Bubble... DUM!" he said. And it took effort! It didn't just roll off his tongue, he had to work to get that out! "Bubble... DUM!" It was easy to make this recording into a ringtone! I set it as the main ringtone. And every time my phone rang and he heard his voice he'd join in, "Bubble... DUM!"

Yesterday I noticed my BlackBerry Storm was acting up. I made time today to take it to the store (since it's still under warranty). The clerk knew exactly how to fix it, it had to be scrubbed, a hard reset. Did I have it backed up at home on my computer? No. Well, then he saved my contacts to his machine and told me that all my photos would be saved to my memory card. No problem.

When all was said and done my phone was working properly again, but I had to go back and re-personalize everything. You know, set the wallpaper, hide the icons I don't use, and set the sounds and ringtones. I clicked over to the vox files and they were GONE. Every single one of them, gone. NO! No more "Bubble... DUM!"??? How can this be? I knew I could record it again, but four months later Izaak can say, "bubble dum." without any effort. Cute, but not as cute. It's no longer the only word he can say. It rolls off his tongue nice and smooth from being practiced every time he heard my phone ring. I must say, I'm proud of myself for not crying, though I felt like it.

Tonight, I resigned myself to having to record a new "Bubble dum!" ringtone. I couldn't get Izaak to cooperate. He simply didn't want to say it for me. I thought maybe a little peer pressure might work, so I asked Kevin (almost 5) to record another, "Daddy's calling." He gladly obliged and when I saved it and clicked back to record again, something strange.

Clear as day there were two vox files. One that I had just recorded and one from December 3, 2009. Curious! I clicked the unnamed file to play it. "Bubble... DUM!" I clicked again, not believing my ears, "Bubble... DUM!" Curiouser and curiouser! "Bubble... DUM!" "Bubble... DUM!" "Bubble... DUM!"


YIPEE JESUS!!! (right Linny?) There's only one explanation I know of, God - again. He knows my mommie heart. He knows how much joy that little, tiny, silly vox file brings me. And, He CARES! It was NOT there this afternoon, and it IS there now. Every other vox file that was on my phone this morning is GONE, save one. There are 3 vox files on my phone tonight, two were recorded tonight and one is from December 3, 2009 and it says, "Bubble... DUM!"

And in my book, that's a miracle!