Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do You Ever Wish...

Do you ever wish you were bold enough to walk up to the lady at the grocery store and kindly tell her that it's tacky to wear a floral bra under a thin white T-shirt, you know nicely with lots of sympathy because obviously her mama didn't share that tidbit of lady-like etiquette with her?

I'm not the queen of Lady-likeness, and if I was doing something tasteless that I was clueless about, I would hope that some kind person would gently inform me of my lack of tact or etiquette. I am the type of person that would tell a completely stranger if her dress was tucked into her waistband after a trip to the restroom, or tell her she had spinach in her teeth from her lunch. But addressing someone's lingerie issues in public is a little more bold than I can go. Probably in part due to the fact that I'm sure there are women who purposely dress this way. Surely you wouldn't leave the house not knowing that everyone can see the rosebud pattern on your unmentionables. But isn't that the point of calling them unmentionables? That they aren't seen, so we don't have to mention them?

So, tell me, how bold are you? What would you and would you not tell a stranger about their appearance?