Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rebel Thoughts.

It's been a crazy few weeks. We've had lots of out of the ordinary activity. My mom had surgery last week and we spent several evenings at the skilled care facility with her, as well as an afternoon learning how to help her get around once she would be able to come home. She came home today.

We had Spring break last week for all the kids and the boys' continued through this week. I'm glad because I had to work a few later nights and needed the extra help in the morning to get a few more hours of sleep. We didn't really do anything fun for Spring break until today when we went to the Rec Center to swim.

Thursday, April 1, was the one year anniversary of Letha's heart cath to place her Amplatzer occluder. The day kind of passed without me thinking about it(one of those things I thought of before it came along and after, but not on the day). I did schedule her one year check up with the cardiologist. So, I'll try to post an update after that appointment.

We attended a Passover Seder with our Messianic Jewish friends on Monday. It amazes me how much the Seder meal speaks of Christ and what he did for us on the cross. As a Christian you simply cannot attend a Seder without recognizing the symbolism of Jesus at every turn. And the cup of Redemption, which in a Jewish Seder is left untouched is the one that Christ took after supper and said, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this whenever you drink it in remembrance of me." WOW!

Today is Good Friday, which is now over but since I haven't gone to bed yet I can still talk about it in the present. We went to services tonight at church which consisted of a musical cantata of the 7 last words of Christ with scripture readings. Simple. Absolutely. Beautiful. Moving. The service ended in silence, except for the sound of nails being hammered into the cross. We came home and watched The Passion of the Christ. And, for the first time allowed our older children to watch it. Again and again I think how completely crazy it is that God loves me enough to put His son through that to take away my sin. I really believe that the movie couldn't possibly portray what actually happened to Jesus, even so, it's horribly, graphically, visually as much as I can handle conceptualizing what He went through for me. It was enough. Dayenu.

Tomorrow another busy day. Choir practice. Egg hunt, which I could do without. I'm just not into the whole "Easter" thing. I really wish as Christians we would stop participating in the secular side of this holy day. Easter itself is a pagan celebration of fertility. YUCK. Having my druthers, I'm sticking to wishing people a Happy Resurrection Sunday, on Sunday of course.

If I get a chance tomorrow, I'll try to post a few of the awesome pictures I got of the boys at the pool today. I have a LOT!

Good night.