Monday, April 5, 2010

"Not MeMy Child!" Monday.

Trying somehing new this week with MckMama. Being brutally honest about what our children didn't do and livng to tell about it.

It was not my son this week that went up to nearly every stranger he saw at Del Taco and asked their names. This random sampling of strangers did not include a homeless man in a wheelchair. My son certainly did not accost this man by grabbing the arms of his wheel chair and demanding his name, which was James by the way.

It could not have been my son that grabbed at the stump of James' missing right leg demanding to know how his leg got broken off. No sir, that was not my child!

He did not turn around and grab the sunglasses of another stranger and try to put them on, nor did he try playing with the man's computer. My son is not grabby and has much better manners than this. I'm certain that this was not my child!

So, what haven't you or your children been doing this week?