Friday, April 9, 2010

A Perfectly Healthy Heart!

Letha had her one year post-occluder /ASD repair check-up today with Dr. Miller.
The appointment included a chest x-ray, an echo, an EKG, as well as the exam. Her heart is now normal size. There is no more distention of the right atrium or ventricle! The Amplatzer occluder is in its place and doing its job. By now her heart has probably formed skin over the occluder, so it is a permanent part of her now.

As far as the effects of the repair, Letha has no more asthma symptoms. She is able to run better and participate in activities that she avoided at all costs just a year ago. Not that she really likes to do these things, but she can do them. She has tripled the number sit ups and pacers she was able to do last year in gym class.

As we expected, everything looks perfect! And I thank God over and over for letting us find the ASD, for being able to repair it so easily and definitely for the changes it has brought to Letha’s health! What an AWESOME God we have!