Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Fives.

A day to specifically name five things I am thankful for and five things I am in prayer for.

I am thankful for...
1. God's provision for us financially during these rough economic times.

2. God's constant leading and teaching in my life.

3. my children's honesty about who I am and what they love about me.

4. a marriage that is more stable and fulfilling than my mind has ever dared dream!

5. dreams.

I am in prayer for...
1. Jonah. The precious baby that I've never met with a skin disease that would rock any mother's world, and his parents too, of course.

2. Kezia. My distant cousin who recently, unexpectedly said goodbye to her 34 week daughter, Kendall.

3. Emily. My friend who SO wants to be a mom, and is in the process of waiting. Be it ever so short, my friend.

4. Kerrianne. The wife of my husband's co-worker who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. She had surgery this week, and they think they got it all. Neither she nor her husband are Christians, and yet they asked my husband to pray for them because "he has connections" (to God through a relationship with Christ) and they know it. What a profound testimony and awesome opportunity to witness!

5. Many, many, many families that we know that are facing hard financial times, including foreclosures and job loss. Jesus be near.

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