Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two fo Tuesday.

Here are two questions with two answers. Audience participation time! I hope you'll comment so I can get to know you a little.

1. Share 2 memories you have of St. Patrick's Day.

2. Share 2 memories you have of going to the ER, whether you or your children.

I'll be back later to post my answers. I've got a request to "go do something" today.


  1. Sad to say we are really lacking in the "St. Patrick's Day" memories. I do remember always making sure to wear green so I didn't get pinched.

    ER trips...... well we have had a few of those. The first one I remember was when I was pregnant with Courtney and sick sick sick. Tiffany was about 2 at the time and she found the Tums I had hidden behind the books on the headboard of the bed and ate the whole container. I paniced and called poison control, they said immediately take her to ER. She sang all the way .... I cried blaming myself. % nursed had to hold her down for a blood test and 5 hours later they told me she could have eaten a barrel of them and they wouldn't have hurt her. Gee thanks.......
    The other would be with Logan when he was little.. again I was pregnant and the grils had spun him around by his arms. all the sudden he screamed and then cried for hours. We took him to the ER and they said he had nurse maid elbow. After 4 hours they said they had "popped" it back in. Not so much..... he wouldn't use it and cried unless he was perfectly still. A ped appointment sent us to Children's hospital and the wonderful Dr. there fixed it in a jiffy even though it was very sore and inflamed. He immediately grabbed his poppy (pacifier) with his left hand and was fine.

    Wow.... long questions I feel like I wrote a book!

  2. Unfortunately the only significant St Pats day memory I have is when I got diagnosed with TTTS and was told my babies might not make it.

    As for ER trips - I hadn't had any of those BC (before children) but since having the twins we have had too many to count. I now set myself a new goal at the beginning of every year "No trips to the ED this year!" It hasn't happened yet but hopefully this is our year!