Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two for Tuesday.

OK, so Pam over at You're Gonna Miss This is having several (3 to be exact) giveaways, the third of which is COFFEE!!!! So, pop on over there and leave a comment about how you like your coffee to enter.

-------And, now, back to our regularly scheduled blogram--------

My own teeny tiny blog carnival that I like to call audience participation time! It my way of getting to know anyone out there who reads this blog. (TRULY peeps, you have to participate for this to be a carnival!)

No rules, just answer two two part questions.

1. What 2 things will you miss when winter is finally over?

2. Name 2 of your favorite teachers from any grade.

Feel free to expand your answers, after all, this is about getting to know you!


  1. My answers:
    1. First, I will miss snow, mostly because we haven't had any. I'm very jealous of the folks back east who actually got "snow days"!

    Second, I will miss snuggling down in my marshmallow bed. Ain't no way my hubby will allow me to keep fleece sheets on for the summer months.

    2. My #1 favorite teacher was Mrs. Lou Flatland. She taught math, I had her for Geometry! She was old and energetic and animated. We shared a birthday. And she kept colored fine tip markers for taking notes (a study aid that made remembering postulates and theorums like reading my notes in my head. Is it cheating to read your notes in your head?)!

    #2 I would have to say Miss Hackbarth. Fourth grade. I loved her for spending time with me. Letting me stay in recess to write on the board or stay after school to wash the chalkboard and clean the erasers (things I loved to do!) and just hang out in her room and chat.

    That's my long winded answers!

  2. First thanks for writing about my give away!! And while I am here I may as well try to join you in your questions!

    1. ummm...ummmm...ummmmm... they don't track mud in my house in the winter. a cozy fire in the wood burner. (whew, wasn't sure i could really find two at this point in the season!!) ;)

    2. Mr. Miller for algebra for sure. (too bad he had too many dui's and had to retire) :( And Mr. Markley. He taught our yearbook publication class. (well he tried) we kinda took over and ran the show!! They shouldn't give teenagers titles like editor-in-chief! THEY CAN'T HANDLE IT!! LOL!

  3. 1. The pleasantly warm days and tap water that is actually cold. (remember, I live in Arizona!)

    2. Ms. Vogel in 5th grade. I used to bring her cucumbers from our garden. She probably grew to hate the things but she always graciously received them. She was very kind and friendly--the way we always think elementary teachers should be.

    Mrs. Hovde for 11th and 12th grade math. She made difficult subjects understandable and really believed in me, thereby helping me believe in myself.

    I sometimes wonder where both of them are these days.