Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two for Tuesday.

It's audience participation time! This is the day I ask two questions with two answers. And you get to comment to answer the questions because I want to get to know the folks who read my blog. I know there are many regulars out there, so no hiding in anonymity. Come out and play along, don't make me beg!

1. Name one way you are like your mother and one way you are different.

2. Name your 2 favorite things about Spring.


  1. Yes, I will always answer my own 2 for 2sday.

    1. I'm like my mom in almost every way possible, we even have the same arguments (nearly word for word) with our husbands. I'm different from her in that I don't like clutter. She hangs pictures in a collage on her walls, they are everywhere and it's overwhelming visually. I have 2 frames for each of my children and I only keep the most recent pictures in them.

    2. I love the mild temperatures of spring that allow us to be outside without getting over heated or shivvering. Secondly, I love, love, love when my ornamental crabapple tree blooms!!!

  2. Hi Karina!

    1. I'm not much like my Mom. At all. I guess I'm like she was as a young mother, wanting to feed her children healthy/organic/whole grain food. I won't go as far as buying goats and milking them, though! And we're different in that she always has her head in the clouds and I'm always firmly planted on the ground.

    2. Ahhh spring. I love the first appearance of the perennials blooming. I love how they start to peek out a little before you're even ready for winter to be over...just as a little preview of the beauty that's to come.

  3. Hmmmmmm let's see

    I HOPE I am like my Mom in that she always was very encouraging and made me feel like I ould do anything. I am not like her because she doesn't swim, r. skate, i skate, w ski,or s ski.

    I love the warmth of the sun on you skin again. Warm days cool evenings and the first buds on the trees and the daffodil bunches in my yard. hmmmm I think I LOVE spring after the long Ohio winters.

  4. 1. I am intuitive like my mother. I am different in many ways... She is content to dream in melancholy, while I like to dream and develop a plan of action to achieve it.

    2. So many things to LOVE about Spring. March has always been a lucky month for me -- it must be my Irish genes. I love the crocus popping up through snow that used to line my walkway as a child. I love the rebirth - newness -- and feel again like more things are possible. My mind frame is literally altered.

  5. Hey there! Here's my thoughts:

    1. I am like my mother in that we have the philosophy "What's done is done". She was never the kind of mother to harp on things over and over. She'd realize I had learned my lesson, tell me there was nothing I could do to change the misdeed at that poing, and to do better next time. I have the exact same philosophy. We're not ones to hold grudges about things. I'm unlike my mother in that I like to play and relax. My mom has always felt that she needed to be busy accomplishing something all the time. I enjoy having some lazy moments.

    2. About spring, I love seeing the trees budding out. And I love starting my garden - planting cabbage and potatoes this weekend!