Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Why So Blue?

A: That's what happens when you make oatmeal with milk from a blue cow!

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  1. Ok, so I kept it almost wordless, but I wanted to give a little nugget of explanation...

    we lived in Manila for 8 months (oct05 to jun06) cereal and milk were expensive and hard to find and I try hard to feed my kids lower carb foods, so philippine breakfast was out (they do love their sweets!) Anyway, we ate a LOT of oatmeal. My kids got sick of it. So, one day I took some of my food gel (for cake decorating) and made pink oatmeal. then green, then blue, then purple. It sort of became a tradition to color the oatmeal. Now, we don't make oatmeal very often but I still color it!