Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday on Thursday!

My friend Bonnie does a weekly Tackle it Tuesday weekly post on her blog. Last week she inspired me, but Tuesday I didn't get my task tackled 'til I was too tired to type and too tuckered to try to post pictures, then all the stuff with Letha happened and I didn't get back to it until now.

So here we are. My over-stuffed, disorganized, extremely dirty, kitchen cabinets.

Note the glasses on the counter that I recently purchased that needed this change in order to find a home!

The mayhem DURING:
Yes, I did get rid of a grocery bag full of unnecessary/infrequently used items! Yay me!

AFTER:Note: Everything has a place and that place is LABLED (thanks to the Dymo lable maker my kids got me for Christmas! Thanks guys!) It's supposed to help them know where to put things when they empty the dishwasher. I can tell you it hasn't worked out completely according to plan.

So far, everyone is having trouble finding food and things to drink from. But, I like the change over all!


  1. Your tackle looks great...I never thought about labelling for the others that live with me ;).

    You have been tagged my friend...

  2. I tagged you, too :-)

    Great tackle....I'm gonna try it next week.

  3. Great looking cupboards! I love the cool paint job on them too.