Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cute Compassion.

Shopping at Sam's yesterday Bug(3) ran his hand along the little ipod cardboards (you know, the ones they have out instead of putting the actual product on the shelf?) and the result was a paper cut. OUCH! It produced enough blood to make a red line at the site of the cut, but Bug would not be consoled until he got a band-aid. Thankfully he did not insist that it had to be a Curious George band-aid.

We waited in line for several minutes at the customer service desk and he cried the whole time, facing away from Buzz(17mo). At one point I noticed Buzz. He was looking at his big brother trying see what the trouble was. I showed him Bug's owie. He got it. He started patting Bug on the back and trying to hug him. He also wanted to kiss it, but Bug would have nothing to do with that! But still, Buzz tried to make his big brother feel better and ease his pain. He even rubbed Bug's head. SO adorable!

I revelled in that precious moment, knowing that at any instant hugging and loving can turn to biting and screaming!

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