Monday, December 15, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday.

It's that time of week again. Time to participate in Mck Mama's blog carnival called "Not Me!" Monday, where you can be brutally honest about the things you didn't do and feel better after doing it. Click the button above if you're ready to have some good ole fun!!!

I am not a perfectionist and last week did not really, truly desire to ask my husband to redo the Christmas lights that he had spent all morning putting on the house. I did not tell him so, and I did not let my perfectionism be pushed to the back burner and let him off the hook, nope, not me!

I did not catch my 3 year old playing with a tampon and a panty liner and explain to him the birds and the bees when he asked what they were used for. I did not use my niece as an example of a woman who does not have a period because she has a baby in her tummy. Nope, not me!!!

I did not just post about my period, either, Mck Mama.

I did not go away for the weekend to the mountains to hunt for a Christmas tree and forget to take the one of the 3 key ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches. That was not me. And I would not blame that on the fact that I have 5 children and can become slightly scatter-brained at times. Not me!!!

I did not, while packing frantically, stop to take about a million pictures of all the snow boots our family wears. I did not line them up a different way before each of those million pictures, that would waste valuable time. I did not take a million pictures trying to get the lighting and composition just right. I certainly did not annoy my husband who came home early from work to help me pack. I do not have the bigest boots in the family. Nope, not me!
I did not take my children swimming outdoors while it was snowing. I did not let my 17 month old baby play in the snow in his bathing suit while standing in a puddle of warm water. I did not allow him to sit in his floatie in the hot tub. Nor did I allow my children to throw snow in the hot tub to cool it off just a bit. That's silly, it's WINTER. It could not have been me!

My son did not ask me if he could have "that" while pointing to my chest this evening. He did not unzip his jammies to point to his own chest to try to make me understand. And when I realized, finally, that he was talking about my cleavage, I did NOT squish his chest together to give him cleavage of his own! My daughter and I did NOT laugh hysterically over the whole incident! No, that was most certainly, not us, and definitely NOT ME!!!

I hope you have some fun of your own! That was refreshing!


  1. lol! These are really funny! I love them all! Cute pictures! I bet the hot tub in the snow would've been so much fun what a great idea! And the story about your son cracked me up!! I am loving your blog... I had to snoop around a little after I loved this post so much!

  2. LOL..I can so relate about the picture taking and getting them just right!!

    I have five kids too..ages 5-12!!

  3. Oh that looks fun and cold at the same time.