Monday, December 22, 2008

"Not Me!" Monday

That's right! It's that time of week when we get a little "therapy" from admitting all those embarrassing things we did under the guise of "Not ME!" If you've never joined in the fun, click the button above and swing on over to Mck Mama's blog and read all about it!

Where do I begin?

This past week, I was not clueless enough to miss that we still had choir, though our Christmas concert was done. And after completely missing the Sunday morning sound check, and telling several people that I would be up there during the service after lighting the Advent Candles with my family, I did not completely forget to take my seat in the choir loft and return to the pew with my family. No sir, not me!

I was not also completely uninformed and clueless about the "Section Leaders" dinner a few days later, to the point where I did not even know a thing about it until the morning of. For heaven's sake, I'm a section leader! I'm responsible and "in the know" about things like this! That was definitely, not me!

I did not dye my hair black and purple this week. And you cannot see it if you click the picture of me in the "Christmas Traditions..." post below. I'm a mother of five who is not pushing 40, and I would never be wild. Furthermore, I do not absolutely LOVE it! Nope, not me!

While trying to text my BFF's daughter about ditching school (with her mother's permission) I did not inadvertantly text a stranger because I had forgotten to put the new number in my phone when the family moved here from Florida 6 months ago. That stranger did NOT call me and ask if I had met him while he was drunk! And my friends did not tease me mercilessly about my new drinking boyfriend all weekend! Holy moly! I might never live that down so it was definitely not me!

Last night while at a neighbor's house, after dinner I did not let a "Silent, but Deadly" toot and not claim it! And I was not relieved when several minutes later when our children smelled it my neighbor claimed to have let it! And, I'm sure it was not me who claimed the first stink when my neighbor denied that she had started it! LOL!! I would be way to embarrassed to admit that so it was NOT ME!

And if you think you just read anything on my blog about "Silent, but Deadly" toots, you could not have read that here. I wouldn't blog about that, not me!!!

I'd love to hear what you haven't done this week!

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