Saturday, December 6, 2008

Easy Come Pie. Easy Go Pie.

Our Christmas shopping began today. The kids drew names and I took them out one by one to shop. We were having a really good time during the second outing when I remembered that I had signed up to bring triple berry pie to our Sunday School Christmas party this evening.

I called home and asked my wonderful husband to make the pie for me. He's quite handy in the kitchen as a helper when I make pies, so I knew he could do it. I told him the specifics over the phone, a bit of this, a pat of that, and sprinkle of the other. He didn't bat an eyelash but went straight to work.

I got home from the third trip out with just enough time to change, pick a white elephant gift, look up the directions online and run out the door. The house smelled delicious! And, trusted that all was well from that and the fact that my husband was proud of himself, but I never saw the pie. That is, not until he was putting it into the car.

I stopped.

Oh NO! What did you bake the pie in???

On closer inspection my worst fears (for the pie) were realized. Many years ago, when my big kids were little, I attended a "MOPS" group. One of our crafts had been to decorate a terra cotta plate with craft paint and "modge podge" over the whole thing to protect it from scratches. It was strictly decorative. And, being as I don't have a place to display decorative plates I stored it with my pie plates, that's where it fit. It was this plate in which my poor, unknowing husband chose to bake his lovely pie.

My neighbor and I discussed it and decided the pie was a complete loss, much to everyone's dismay. My husband was especially disappointed because he was anxious to show off his work (it really was a beautiful pie!) and gain brownie points with the ladies and bragging rights among the men. But at the risk of poisoning everyone, there was nothing we could do but go to the grocery store and buy an inferior substitute.

It's not very easy to throw an entire pie down the disposal. And, most especially not one that you dearest husband made all by himself.

Tonight I have to get to bed, but I'll edit tomorrow night to add the pictures I took of the beautiful Triple Berry Pie a la Disposal. :(

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  1. What an awesome husband. Too bad about the pie. I love your idea of Christmas shopping with each child indiviually but where the heck do you find the energy???